Faculty/Staff Guidelines

Parking Subscriptions

Faculty and Staff applications for parking subscriptions are available online.

In order to be eligible for university parking privileges the applicant must:

  1. be a current employee; and

  2. have no outstanding parking citations

Parking assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. No individual, office, or department, other than Parking and Transportation, may grant campus-parking privileges or sell permits.

While a permit does guarantee subscribers a parking space in one of our facilities, VCU Parking and Transportation reserves the right to  relocate vehicles to alternate facilities as required for emergencies, construction, access, special event parking, and/or safety concerns.


In order to obtain a VCU parking subscription, all faculty/staff must apply in person at either customer service office and must present the vehicle’s license plate information and valid VCUCard.

Full/Part-time Employees

Full-time employees of Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Commonwealth University Health are required to pay semi-monthly through payroll deduction. Part-time/hourly employees (with the exception of benefitted) are not eligible for payroll deduction and must prepay for parking.

Part-time/hourly employees, defined as non-benefitted employees limited to 29 hours or less on average per week over a 12-month period and earn $13 per hour or less, are eligible for the part-time permit rate. Those eligible for the part-time/hourly rate will be assigned to one of the following locations: I Lot (MCV Campus), Jefferson Street Deck (Monroe Park Campus), Bowe Street Deck (Monroe Park Campus), or Henry Street Deck (Monroe Park Campus).

Please note, the part-time/hourly rate is not prorated.

Reciprocal parking for part-time/hourly subscribers is valid Monday-Friday, from 4pm-8am and 24 hours in any unrestricted lot and select decks. View additional information here: http://www.parking.vcu.edu/parking/faculty-and-staff/reciprocal-parking.

*Reciprocal parking does not apply during special events.

The following VCU employee classifications are required to pay in advance for parking permits:

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Student Workers
  • Work Study Students
  • Hourly/part-time employees
  • Affiliates (non-employees)

The following VCUHealth employee classifications are required to pay in advance for parking permits:

  • Hourly employees
  • Affiliates/Contracted Employees (non-employees)

Each parking subscriber will be issued one parking RFID permit that is repositionable.  Only one vehicle listed under an employee’s profile may be parked in a VCU facility.

Permit Placement: Your RFID permit should be placed on your rear view mirror mount so that it is clearly visible. Please note, you should not operate your vehicle with your hangtag permit installed.

All expired university parking decals must be completely removed from vehicles prior to displaying new decals.

Permit Cancellation: Persons canceling their parking subscriptions, voluntarily or through separation from the university, must return their permits and/or access cards to the Parking Office. If the parking permit/access card is not returned, a $10 fee may be assessed for both the permit and access card. Employee subscriptions are refunded based upon the date of return.


Subscribers canceling their parking subscriptions, voluntarily or through separation from the university, must return their permits and/or access cards to the parking office immediately. If the parking permit is not returned, a $10 fee may be assessed for the permit. If the designated parking location requires an access card and it is not returned to VCU Parking or the facility, additional charges may be assessed.

Prepaid/quarterly parking permits are purchased three months in advance. Should a subscriber decide to cancel the subscription, they will need to return the parking pass to VCU Parking immediately.  Subscribers will only be refunded for any full month of non-usage after the date of return (i.e, return on July 1 will not be refunded for July, but would only be refunded August and September).

Non-prepay employee subscribers must also return the parking permit to VCU Parking immediately.  Cancellations are processed in accordance with the VCU and VCUHealth payroll schedule (i.e. If a permit is returned any time during an active pay period, the cancellation will not be processed until the end of the active pay period.)

Reciprocal Parking

Reciprocal parking is allowed when space is available. This privilege allows a subscriber to park in a certain campus location outside of their assigned area. Your permit and VCUCard will grant you access during the appropriate times for the location. Reciprocal parking may be impacted during special events. 

Parking Lapse

In the event an employee subscriber incurs a lapse in parking due to non-payment, placement in the formerly assigned parking location may not be guaranteed. In order for subscribers to retain access to their assigned facility, they must ensure that renewal payments are made in a timely manner.

Re-Issuance Fee/Switching Locations

In the event an employee subscriber wishes to relocate to an alternate parking facility and space is available, Parking and Transportation will assess a $10.00 re-issuance fee for a new parking permit.

If an employee subscriber is relocating to an alternate parking location due to a VCU or affiliated department’s relocation, then the department is to bear the cost of the $10.00 re-issuance fee.

Parking and Transportation will only waive the $10.00 re-issuance fee in the event of new employment within VCU/VCUHealth or if the subscriber encountered severe vehicle damage, in which the vehicle was totaled. A police report must be presented in order for the re-issuance fee to be waived due to vehicle damage.

Subscriber Responsibility

1. Finding authorized space: Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Perceived lack of available space, mechanical problems, or other factors do not justify parking violations.

2. Parking permits and access cards are not transferable to any other person. Transferring permits or access cards is a parking violation and may result in the revocation of your parking subscription.

3. Payment of Fines: All fines must be paid in full and in a timely manner. Vehicles for which tickets are outstanding are subject to immobilization/towing.

4. Access Cards: Certain VCU parking facilities only use a specific ID card for entry. Subscribers must have both their ID card present and VCU decal posted in order to park on these facilities without being charged the daily parking fee. Please be advised that subscribers who do not have a valid VCUCard and a valid decal will be required to pay the current daily rate upon exiting the facility.

5. Lost or Stolen Permits: If your permit is lost, please contact the parking office immediately. Permits stolen while on the VCU Medical Center or the Monroe Park Campus must be reported to the VCU Police. Permits stolen in other locations must be reported to the designated city or county police. The parking office will re-issue a parking permit for a replacement fee of $10. The parking office may waive the replacement fee if given a police report number. 

6. Vehicle Disposal/Windshield:In the event a vehicle is sold or disposed of the decal must be returned to the parking office before a replacement decal will be issued. If no permit is returned, a replacement fee will be assessed. If the nature of the vehicle loss prevents the safe and proper removal of the decal or permit, the replacement fee may be waived upon a police report indicating proof of the vehicle loss. All fees must be paid before the reissuance of a permit. 

7. Changes in Employment Status: If an employee wishes to discontinue/cancel a parking subscription on a voluntary basis due to short-term or long-term disability, the employee should contact the Parking Office before departure. If subscription payments are not being received during the employee's absence, their previous parking location cannot be guaranteed upon reinstatement. If an employee wishes to maintain their parking location during leave, scheduled monthly payments must continue.

8. Change of Address: When a subscriber's home address changes, VCU employees should make this change in Banner eServices, and VCUHealth should contact their Human Resources department. Subscribers must also change their vehicle account information for their parking account here.

Parking Regulations

Permit holders should familiarize themselves with all regulations. Citations are issued for the following violations:

  1. Parking in a prohibited zone, loading zone, service area, sidewalk or lawn

  2. Parking in the improper location for issued permit

  3. Failure to display or improperly displaying a valid permit (includes access card facilities)

  4. Blocking driveways, roadways, or sidewalks

  5. Occupying more than one space

  6. Improper employee/student use of patient/visitor spaces

  7. Exceeding pay station times as well as posted time limits

  8. Failure to obey posted traffic patterns

  9. Illegal parking in a designated ADA space

  10. Unauthorized permit usage, including a forged/altered decal 

  11. Three or more parking citations totaling $150 or more

In addition, there are certain regulations that could subject a violator to higher fines, booting, towing and/or revocation of parking privileges. All outstanding parking penalties and fines must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released. These include:

1. Altering, forging, copying, or falsely acquiring a permit or parking pass. A penalty fine of from $100 to $500 will be assessed. Violators will be automatically towed, parking privileges will be suspended for one year, and the parking permit will be removed from the vehicle. If the permit is paid by a department, the department head will be notified of the infraction. Additionally, the VCU Police may be notified at the parking manager's discretion, dependent upon the severity of the infraction.

2. Parking in spaces designated for mobility-impaired individuals without displaying HP license plates, a DMV issued pass, and an appropriate university permit.

3. Fraudulent use of access cards.

4. Parking multiple vehicles with a single parking subscription.

PLEASE NOTE: While parking tickets are normally issued, vehicles may also be towed for violation of any of the parking regulations when exceptional circumstances warrant.


Administrative Review of Citations

Persons receiving parking citations do have the right to an appeal. An appeal may be submitted online here.  The appeal must be received within fifteen calendar days of the ticket issuance date. After initial review by the Parking Appeals Officer, citations may be appealed to the Richmond General District Traffic Court.

Motorist Assistance

Parking and Transportation does offer motorist assistance benefits to its subscribers. This assistance is limited to jumpstarts, tire changing assistance, transportation for gasoline and towing service calls. Due to liability issues, parking staff will not attempt to open locked vehicles.

Immobilization/Towing Program

Individuals with unpaid parking fines risk having their vehicle  immobilized. Immobilized vehicles that are identified while on university property will be booted and the owner will be required to pay all outstanding parking penalties/fines (including a boot removal fee) before the boot will be removed.

These fines can be paid online (credit card) or during normal parking Customer Service office hours (cash, money order, credit card, certified check). Vehicles that remain booted after normal Customer Service office hours can still be paid online. If left unpaid, the vehicle can be towed at the owner's expense.  

The university reserves the right to tow vehicles from areas designated as tow zones at the owner's expense. Tow zones are areas that typically present a hazard or impede the normal and/or emergency operations of the university. After towing a vehicle, Parking and Transportation will notify VCU Police.


Permit Renewal

Permits will expire on the date listed online. Renewal of the permit must take place at least five working days prior to the expiration date of the permit in order for the holder to be assured of continued parking privileges. Pre-pay subscribers should renew by mail, over the phone or in office during regular business hours. 

Mobility Impaired Accessible Driving (ADA)/Temporary Disabilities

All subscribers parking in accessible spaces in controlled lots/decks must display BOTH a valid university parking permit for their assigned lot or deck and a disabled parking placard or license plate, issued by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent office for the state in which the car is registered, indicating that the driver is permitted to park in an accessible space for the mobility impaired.

All faculty and staff with temporary disabilities may request permission to park in designated mobility impaired spaces in their designated lot or deck from the parking office with a DMV issued disabled parking placard. Additionally, if necessary, parking subscribers who become pregnant may request to move to a more proximate location, based on current availability. However, subscribers must present a doctor’s note with the due date before consideration for parking reassignment will be granted. In all cases, parking subscribers must pay the applicable subscriber fee to park at any VCU parking location. All reassignments are based on current availability.

Failure to follow documented procedures will result in a $100.00 parking fine if a vehicle is found parked in a handicap accessible space without the proper permits. 

Study-Research/Educational/Military Leave

VCU Parking and Transportation may reserve or hold one’s parking space during absence from the university for military leave or sabbatical leave only:

  1.        Study-Research or Educational Leave. This is a leave of absence granted to faculty or staff for business travel or research as approved by Virginia Commonwealth University. The faculty/staff member must provide documentation stating that the leave has been approved, in addition to the time period for the approved sabbatical. Without this documentation, parking will not be reserved. Additionally, the employee’s current parking permit must be returned to  the parking office. Upon return, a new permit will be issued for the reserved location.

Note: A leave of absence for illness, dependent care, extended vacation or other personal reasons does not qualify for study-research or educational leave status.

2.       Military Leave. If a VCU faculty/staff member is called to Active Military Duty in a branch of the United States Armed Services for a certain period of time, parking may be reserved. The faculty/staff member must provide official documentation of the leave before parking will be reserved. Additionally, the employee’s current parking permit must be returned to the parking office. Upon return, a new permit will be issued for the reserved location.

Loading Zones/Service Areas

Departments scheduling goods to be delivered or service to be conducted in a VCU building from a non-university vendor that require more than short-term parking must purchase a temporary parking permit for that vendor’s vehicle. Loading zones, docks and alleys designated behind or adjacent to VCU buildings are for unloading and loading of goods and supplies and can be used by commercial vehicles making deliveries or VCU service vehicles (e.g. VCU Police, Facilities Management, Technology Services, Mail Services).

Loading and unloading is permitted only in designated areas in accordance with the signing of that space.  Blinkers or flashers must be activated when vehicles are parked in  load/unload zones.  Vehicles exceeding the posted time limit are subject to citation and fine. Parking of personal vehicles is prohibited. Parking of contractors is prohibited for times longer than stated unless a permit to park in the area has been issued. Service vehicles are prohibited to park in prohibited zones, restricted areas, disabled spaces, fire lanes, metered areas, grassy landscaped areas, sidewalks, alleys, blocking ingress or egress to buildings, or blocking dumpsters or other service equipment.

Special Event Parking

Parking for groups of 5 or more should be coordinated through our Special Events team. Please submit a Special Event Parking Request Form with the specifics of your function at least 10 business days prior to the event. Please be advised that an individual request is required for every event date. Request forms may be transmitted via the Parking and Transportation Web site or you may e-mail our Special Events team directly at prkgevent@vcu.edu.

Lost Items

If an item was lost on a RamRide or RamSafe van/bus, contact Customer Service at 828-PARK (7275). Each day, lost items are turned into VCUPD. If the parking office cannot locate the item, please contact the VCU PD Property Office at (804) 828-7071 or lostandfound@vcu.edu. Additional information regarding lost & found items can be found here: https://police.vcu.edu/services/lost-and-found

MCV Campus Parking Assignment Criteria
Relocation of Vehicles

VCU Parking and Transportation reserves the right to relocate vehicles to alternate facilities as required for emergencies, construction, access, special event parking, and/or safety concerns.

Liability Disclaimer

Virginia Commonwealth University and the Commonwealth of Virginia do not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents when parked on university property. The university and the State do not assume responsibility for damage to vehicles that are immobilized or towed. If a vehicle is damaged while parked in a VCU facility, VCUPD must be contacted before leaving the premises.

Download a copy of our Faculty/Staff Parking Guidelines and MCV Campus Parking Assignment Criteria.