Parking & Transportation

Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee

Parking and Transportation has established an advisory committee to provide recommendations to Virginia Commonwealth University's office of the vice president for administration regarding policy decisions related to both parking and transportation. The committee, consisting of eleven members, is chaired by the director of Parking and Transportation and holds representation from university faculty, staff and students across the academic and medical campuses. The purpose of the committee is to ensure parking and transportation decisions for VCU are strategically aligned, collaborative, well-informed, evidence-based, sustainable, executable, and resourced.

In addition to receiving information from members directly, the committee can also be contacted with questions, comments and suggestions through the form below.

Advisory Committee Governance Document

Members of the Committee (2016-17)

  • Chair: Clayton Harrington
  • Co-Chair: Carlos Brown, VCU Health
  • Academic Affairs: Kathleen Blankenship
  • Athletics: Nate Doughty
  • Facilities: Keith Van Inwegen
  • Health Sciences: Kevin A. Harris
  • Real Estate: William L. Martin
  • Research: Michele A. Armstrong
  • Student Affairs: Justin Moses
  • VCU Health: Mark Divens
Student Representatives:
Payton Cook

Executive Sponsor Liaison to the Cabinet
Vice president for administration: Dr. Meredith Weiss