Fuel Program

VCU partners with the Department of General Services to provide a fuel program for University-owned fleet vehicles, which allows you to purchase fuel at competitive rates. VCU leased or owned vehicles must utilize this location for fueling.

Fueling Location(s):

Fuel for vehicles shall be obtained via a fuel card issued to the using department. Fuel transactions may be conducted at any location within the fuel provider network; however, for units domiciled within Richmond, fueling should take place at these locations to provide optimum discounting:

  • Gasoline and E85: 2400 Leigh Street, Richmond VA  23220
  • CNG: 211 Maury Street, Richmond, VA  23224
  • Diesel: No identified location; any location close to operations is sufficient

Fuel cards are to be used as departments deem necessary in order to meet operational needs. Authorized fuel types include unleaded, E85, diesel and CNG. Revisions are made only as business demands dictate.

How to use your Fuel Card:

  1. Arrive at card reader and swipe card.
  2. When prompted, enter the six-digit vehicle number that is embossed on the fuel card.
  3. When prompted, enter mileage (no tenths).
  4. Enter the pump number.
  5. Begin fueling once authorized by the card reader.

Obtaining/Replacing Lost Cards:

If you have questions, please contact fleet@vcu.edu or (804) 828-6585.

Departmental Responsibilities:

1. Departments assume ultimate responsibility for their department's charged fuel transactions as well as the accountability and physical security of VCU fuel cards.

2. Departments must review their posted fuel transactions and monitor fuel cards assigned to specific personnel or vehicles and manage their use. Departments are required to monitor fuel card usage frequently and immediately report any anomalies observed or issues encountered with fuel cards. 

VCU employee pumping gas at Department of General Services Fuel Site