Options & Rates

We offer parking options for employees on both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Please note, parking options vary by space availability and are sold on a first come, first served basis. 

If you are a VCU/VCU Health employee interested in purchasing parking with us, please visit "How to purchase employee parking." 

If a monthly permit does not meet your needs, daily/hourly parking is also available. View the entire list of visitor parking locations. Rates are $2 per hour, for a maximum daily rate of $16 per day. Credit/debit cards and cash are accepted at all locations.

*Note: Employee parking cannot currently be purchased online.


Parking rates for FY2019 will change, effective July 1, 2018. View the Approved 2018-19 Parking Rates.


Employee Parking Subscription Rates

Monroe Park Campus Facilities (Standard Faculty/Staff) $78.50 per month
MCV Campus (Standard Faculty/Staff) $78.50 per month
Leased Decks (Coliseum, H, K, RTD, W) $78.50 per month
D Deck $100.50 per month
Off-Campus Lots (A, I & R Lots) $55.00 per month
Adjunct Faculty $198.00 per 5 month semester
Evening Permit $55.00 per month
Part-time F/S * $39.00 per month


*Part-Time Staff/Faculty Permit Eligibility Criteria

Hourly non-benefitted employees, defined as employees limited to 29 hours or less on average per week over a 12-month period and earn $13 per hour or less, are eligible for this permit.

Full-time employees of Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) and Virginia Commonwealth University Health are required to pay semi-monthly through payroll deduction. Part time (including non-benefitted) employees are usually not eligible for payroll deduction and must prepay for parking.

The following VCU employee classifications are required to pay in advance for parking permits:

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Student Workers
  • Work Study Students
  • Hourly/part-time employees
  • Affiliates (non employees)

The following VCUHealth employee classifications are required to pay in advance for parking permits:

  • Hourly employees
  • Affiliates (non employees)



* Please note, while a permit does guarantee subscribers a parking space in one of our facilities, VCU Parking and Transportation reserves the right to  relocate vehicles to alternate facilities as required for emergencies, construction, access, special event parking, and/or safety concerns.