Disposal of Vehicles

In the event that a department needs to dispose of a vehicle, contact the Fleet Management team to let us know that the vehicle is no longer needed. We will make the determination regarding disposition of the particular vehicle. If no further use is determined, the vehicle will become surplus.

  • Initiating request: The department requesting the surplus vehicle should contact Fleet Management by emailing fleet@vcu.edu. Our team will then contact you to verify information such as the vehicle's condition and the reason for surplusing. 
  • Vehicle drop-off: Arrangements will be made for the vehicle to be dropped off at the top of the West Broad Street Parking Deck. Please note that the department will be responsible for continuing to cover parking costs until the vehicle is removed from VCU property or until another department takes ownership of it.
  • Evaluation: Fleet Management will determine if the vehicle can be repurposed elsewhere in the university fleet or if it should be surplused. This determination will be made within one billing cycle, if not sooner. If the vehicle can be repurposed, the new department will assume all associated costs, including any necessary repairs, parking permits, etc. NOTE: if the vehicle is repurposed, once it is surplused, the originating department would receive all sale funds.
  • Auction preparation: For vehicles designated for surplus, Fleet Management will work with Richmond Auto Auction to prepare the vehicle for auction. This includes removing decals, transporting the vehicle to the auction site, and ensuring it is cleaned for sale. Richmond Auto Auction will then proceed to sell the vehicle in one of its upcoming auctions.
  • Auction and payment: Following the vehicle sale, typically held on Fridays, Richmond Auto Auction will issue a completed invoice and a check to the surplusing department. However, please note that a cleaning fee ($25), a pick-up fee ($35), and any other necessary fees (such as for tires, batteries, or tow fee if the vehicle isn't driveable) will be deducted from the final amount. Additionally, Fleet Management will retain a $500 lifetime service fee, which will be kept for services provided over the course of the vehicle's lifetime.

Should you have any questions regarding vehicle disposal, contact us at fleet@vcu.edu.