Parking & Transportation

Group Parking

VCU Event Parking provides parking for groups of any size. If you or your department would like to arrange parking for multiple vehicles, please complete the request form at least ten days in advance so that we can accommodate your parking needs.

Helpful information to include in your email would be:

  • Date and time of your event
  • Number of vehicles needing parking
  • Preferred parking facility

Visitor Decks

VCU departments or outside agencies looking to validate parking for our visitor decks (West Broad Street Deck, West Cary Street Deck, West Main Street Deck, and 8th Street Deck) can purchase validation tickets. As a guest exits one of our facilities, the hourly rate is applied and the total parking fee is calculated. By using a validation ticket, guests can reduce or eliminate their parking fee, allowing them to exit the deck without paying.

Validation tickets can be purchased in two increments, $2 and $10. If the parking rate is less than the voucher presented, change will not be given to the visitor or the department.

To purchase validation tickets, please email us and include Validation Ticket Request in the subject line. 




0 to 2 Hours $ 2.00
2 to 3 Hours $ 4.00
3 to 4 Hours $ 6.00 
4 to 5 Hours $ 8.00
More than 5 Hours $ 10.00

Available Lots

JL Lot

VCU Event Parking offers spaces in the JL Lot, located at 200 West Cary Street. Departments may set up visitor validation codes to pay for visitor parking in this lot. To request a code, please fill out the JL Lot Validation Code Request Form and send the completed form to


Other Lots and Locations

Some of our other facilities not usually open to visitors may have limited space available for your event. If you would like to use one of our locations on either the Monroe Park Campus or the MCV Campus, please contact us to check availability.