High School Graduations

The Stuart C. Siegel Center will host this year's high school graduation ceremonies.  These significant events will take place from May 20-24, providing many prospective college students and their families an opportunity to experience Virginia Commonwealth University.

Attendance at each graduation ceremony will range from 2,500 to more than 6,000 high school graduates, parents and guests.  Attendees will park primarily in the West Broad Street Deck at 1111 West Broad Street and Bowe Street Deck at 609 Bowe Street.
VCU Police and VCU Parking and Transportation will work to minimize inconveniences as much as possible. Traffic is expected to be heavier than usual, with the most significant delays occurring 45 minutes before and after each ceremony. VCU Police have collaborated with VCU Parking and Transportation, the City of Richmond, the Richmond Police Department, and the Virginia Department of Transportation to develop a comprehensive, regional traffic plan to mitigate traffic impacts and maintain guests’ safety.

Aerial footage of high school graduation ceremony letting out at Siegel Center

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View the full graduation schedule: 2024 High School Graduation Schedule