EV chargers

If you drive your electric vehicle to campus and park in one of our facilities, you can charge up with us. 

Seven Chargepoint charging stations are located on West Broad St. Deck (Monroe Park Campus-permit/hourly parking fee required) and N Deck (MCV Campus--permit required).  Stations are Level 2, dual-port (J1772 connectors), allowing for two vehicles to be charged simultaneously. If you are driving a Tesla, don't forget to bring your adaptor.


Accessing the charging stations

All VCU parking subscribers and visitors have access to the charging stations. Visitors/non-permit holders can access West Broad St. Deck stations by paying the standard hourly parking rate.

VCU parking subscribers can access both decks free of charge. If a station is not located in your designated parking facility, you may press the “i” button located on the entry card reader upon entering the deck to be granted access to the facility. You may also inquire with our account services team about transferring your parking subscription to West Broad St. Deck or N Deck. 

Note: Subscribers found to be in violation of parking in these locations without actively charging their vehicle risk enforcement action.

How to charge your vehicle

  1. Create a free ChargePoint account.
  2. Use the ChargePoint app to find a vacant charging spot. You can view station availability in real-time to ensure you do not navigate to an occupied location. 
  3. Start your charge three ways:
    1. Tap your phone (while signed in to the ChargePoint app) on the station;
    2. Tap your ChargePoint card on the station;
    3. Tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station details page in the mobile app.

You can find specific instructions for charging your vehicle at www.chargepoint.com/resources/how-start-charge-chargepoint-station/. Please note, that though ChargePoint requires a payment method to be entered during app setup, you will not incur a fee while charging at VCU facilities.