Faculty & Staff

VCU and VCU Health faculty and staff are able to purchase parking in one of our on-campus or off-campus parking facilities. The parking process for new employees working for VCU and VCU Health is different. Information regarding purchasing employee parking for each employee group can be found under "How to purchase employee parking" below.

Rate information can be viewed on the "Options & Rates" page. 



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student parking hangtag permit

How to purchase employee parking:

1. If you are a VCU employee, either new or current, who is interested in securing parking, you must complete and submit a parking application [PDF] first. Parking locations are assigned based on current availability at the time of the request. Please bring your completed application to either one of our customer service offices, located at 1108-A West Broad Street or 659 N. 8th Street (Eighth Street Deck).

If you are a new VCU Health employee, you are assigned parking at your new team member orientation class. You will also recieve a parking application to complete as part of your HR onboarding process. If you are an existing VCU Health employee, you may bring your VCUCard to one of our customer service offices, along with a completed parking application, and we will provide you with available options at that time. 

2. Upon purchasing parking, you will receive your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) hangtag permit in the mail within 7-10 business days. This permit will grant you hands-free access into your designated parking facility.  Your permit should be displayed on your rear view mirror mount at all times so that it is clearly visible and can easily activate the gates. Your VCUCard can also be used as a secondary credential to operate the gate system.

In the event you are assigned parking at a leased facility, you should display your VCU hangtag and use that facility’s access card to enter and exit the deck. 


You may learn more about your new parking permit by viewing the Employee Parking Insert. For additional parking questions, please contact customer service at (804) 828-PARK (7275).