Expectant Mother Parking

Parking subscribers who are also expectant mothers can reserve a convenient parking space within designated facilities on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. 

This program applies to any VCU or VCU Health System faculty, staff member, or student in the third trimester of pregnancy. All participants must be existing VCU parking subscribers.


  1. Expectant mothers must be in their third trimester and provide a physician's note that lists the expected due date. (Special permission may be granted for those who may require accommodation before the third trimester)
  2. Subscribers assigned to a remote parking facility are eligible to relocate to an alternate deck as part of this program; participants can also be moved to a closer parking space near the shuttle stop at their existing parking facility.
  3. Subscribers currently assigned to non-remote parking facilities can relocate to an alternate deck; however, if the new, temporary location has a higher monthly rate, the participant is responsible for subsidizing the difference.
  4. All "Expectant Mother parking spaces" are subject to the approval of VCU Parking and Transportation and cannot be placed in existing ADA or reserved spaces.
  5. "Expectant Mother program" participants must always display the provided credentials while parked in the reserved space or risk enforcement action.


Interested in an "Expectant Mother parking space?" Send us a message using our contact form.

Reserved parking sign for expectant mother parking