Parking & Transportation

Options & Rates

Students are welcome to purchase their semester parking through the online portal at We offer a number of available parking options for students on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Please note, parking options vary by space availability and parking is sold on a first come, first served basis online.

  • Commuter permits (with the exception of 24-hr. permits) are valid from 7am-2am, 12pm-7am (select facilities), or 4am-11pm (select facilities) Monday-Friday, in your designated parking location and 7am-2am, 12pm-7am (select facilities), or 4am-11pm (select facilities) Saturday and Sunday, in any unrestricted lot. 
  • Evening permits are valid from 3:30pm-2am, Monday-Friday, in your designated parking location and from 3:30pm-2am, Saturday and Sunday, in any unrestricted lot.
  • Housing permits are valid 24 hours, 7 days per week.

You may view reciprocal parking information as well as a list of unrestricted lots at

Daily/hourly parking is also available on the West Broad Street Deck, West Main Street Deck, West Cary Street Deck, JL Lot, HH Lot, HB Lot, PL Lot and BB Lot on the Monroe Campus and at Eighth Street Deck on the MCV Campus. Rates are $1 per hour for the first hour and $2 per hour for each additional hour for a maximum daily rate of $10 per day. Credit/debit cards and cash are accepted at all locations.

Purchase Parking

Spring 2018 Permit Sale(s)

MCV Campus Commuter/Housing Permits- Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 7 am

Monroe Park Campus Commuter Permits- Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 7 am

                                       *Note: You must be registered for classes prior to purchasing a parking permit                                                                                                   

Monroe Park Campus (Spring)

Commuter Parking Options - 5 month Term

(Jan.-May; Aug.-Dec.)

Facility Name Location Rate(s)

Permit Timeframes Offered

Brand Center Lot (BL) 101-131 W. Cary $216 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
Brand Center Lot (BC) 114 W. Canal St. $216 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
Bowe Street Deck 609 Bowe Street $216 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
Henry Street Deck - West 200 N. Henry St.




7am-2am (Mon-Fri)



Jefferson Street Deck



100 S. Jefferson St.






7am-2am (Mon-Fri)


24 hr.

West Broad Street Deck 1111 W. Broad St. $216 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
West Cary Street Deck 1101 W. Cary St.



 4am-11pm; 7am-2am; 12pm-7am (Mon-Fri)


West Main Street Deck 801 W. Main St. $216 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)

Housing Parking Options (24-hr. ) - 6 Month Term

(Jan. - June; July - Dec.)

*Students holding housing permits are required to park on the top two levels of your designated parking facility.

Facility Name Location Rate(s)
Bowe Street Deck (6 month term) 609 Bowe St. $374.50
Broad & Belvidere Deck (6 month term) 711 W. Marshall St. $374.50
Henry Street Deck - East (6 month term) 201 N. Henry St. $374.50
Henry Street Deck - West (6 month term) 201 N. Henry St. $374.50
Jefferson Street Deck (6 month term) 100 S. Jefferson St. $374.50

Off-Campus Housing

Henry Street Deck 201 N. Henry St. $374.50

MCV Campus (Spring)

Commuter Parking Options- 5 Month Term

(Jan. - May; Aug. - Dec.)

Facility Name Location


Permit Timeframes Offered

8th Street Deck 659 N. 8th St.





4am-11pm; 7am-2am; 12pm-7am (Mon-Fri)


BioTech 8 Deck


737 N. 5th St. $216  7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
A Lot 15th & Franklin Streets $170.50  4am-11pm; 7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
I Lot  800 N. 7th St. $170.50  7am-2am (Mon-Fri)
R Lot  508 S. 14th Street $170.50  7am-2am (Mon-Fri)

Housing Parking Options (24/7)- 6 Month Term 

(Jan. - June; July - Dec.)

Facility Name Location Rate(s)
Henry Street Deck - East  201 N. Henry St. $374.50
Henry Street Deck - West  201 N. Henry St. $374.50

* Please note, while a permit does guarantee subscribers a parking space in one of our facilities, VCU Parking and Transportation reserves the right to  relocate vehicles to alternate facilities as required for emergencies, construction, access, special event parking, and/or safety concerns.