As students and employees at an urban campus, we are interconnected with the city, and access to public transportation helps link people, communities and opportunities. VCU’s partnership with GRTC began in 2018 with a year-long pilot. During that year, VCU surveyed students and employees, monitored ridership, and conducted extensive outreach for feedback about a long-term partnership with GRTC. We saw dramatic shifts in ridership from the Campus Connector, VCU’s former intracampus shuttle, to GRTC and consistently received support for the partnership and the city-wide access it provides. In fact, more than 95% of students and employees surveyed said that VCU should continue a partnership with GRTC. In 2019, VCU and GRTC entered into a multiyear agreement to provide unlimited transportation access for VCU students and employees and the two entities continue to work together to improve service and adapt to changes.

The GRTC network provides VCU students and employees greater access to VCU, VCU Health and the entire Richmond region. In addition to connecting the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses, students and employees can access doctors, shopping malls, parks, arts, restaurants, community resources and more. Plus, commuters can use GRTC to get to and from campus every day and save money on parking, fuel and tolls.


Using the program

How do I take advantage of the ride privileges?
How do I use my VCU/GRTC GO Pass?
How can I be issued a replacement GO Pass?
Who can participate in the program?
I'm a VCU affiliate. How can I request a GO Pass?
What if I don’t have my ID card?
Can my guest ride GRTC under this program?

Riding the bus

I’ve never ridden a GRTC bus before. How do I ride?
Can I bring a bike onto GRTC buses?
Are GRTC buses ADA-friendly?
Can I ride any GRTC bus? What is the difference between GRTC and Pulse?
The bus was so full I couldn’t get on. What are you doing about overcrowding?

Routes and schedules

How can I get route and schedule information?
How often do the Pulse and Route 5 buses arrive?
Which route(s) should I take to travel between VCU’s campuses?
How can I be notified of impacts to service?
Can I still ride GRTC on university breaks?
The GRTC Mobile app isn’t always accurate on bus times. Can that be fixed?


How will VCU ensure safety on GRTC buses?

GRTC-VCU partnership

What will happen after the three-year partnership period is over?
I bought a parking subscription, but now I would like to take the bus instead. Can I have my parking permit refunded?
Who should I contact regarding questions/concerns about the partnership?
What is the cost of this partnership?
Why did VCU discontinue the Campus Connector?