How do I take advantage of the ride privileges?
How do I use my VCU/GRTC GO Pass?
How can I be issued a replacement GO Pass?
Who can participate in the program?
I'm a VCU affiliate. How can I request a GO Pass?
What if I don’t have my ID card?
Will RamRide still be in operation?
Why is VCU discontinuing the Campus Connector?
I’ve never ridden a GRTC bus before. How do I ride?
Can I bring a bike onto GRTC buses?
How can I get route and schedule information?
How often do the Pulse and Route 5 buses arrive?
Are GRTC buses ADA-friendly?
Which route(s) should I take to travel between VCU’s campuses?
Can I ride any GRTC bus? What is the difference between GRTC and PULSE?
Can my guest ride GRTC under this program?
How can I be notified of impacts to service?
Can I still ride GRTC on university breaks?
How will VCU ensure safety on GRTC buses?
What will happen after the three-year partnership period is over?
I bought a parking subscription, but now I would like to take the bus instead. Can I have my parking permit refunded?
Who should I contact regarding questions/concerns about the partnership?
What is the cost of this partnership?