GRTC Mobile Pass

The GRTC Mobile Pass is now available for VCU and VCU Health System students, faculty, and staff members to use when riding GRTC buses. This new, convenient way to ride removes the need for the VCU-GRTC GO Pass cards. You'll simply activate your GRTC Mobile Pass on your phone, scan it when you’re ready to ride and present your VCU ID card to the driver or enforcement officer upon boarding.

If you choose to ride GRTC using the Mobile Pass and you have a physical GO Pass card, this card will be deactivated following successful registration of your GRTC Mobile Pass. If you would rather continue using your physical GO Pass to ride the bus, you should not begin the registration process for the Mobile Pass, and you can continue using your GO Pass as normal.

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Getting started

If you would like to use the GRTC Mobile Pass as your primary credential to ride the bus, you can proceed with the instructions below. 

Step 1. Register your mobile phone number and email address.
Step 2. After receiving your confirmation email, install and set up your GRTC Mobile Pass.
Step 3. Ride GRTC using your mobile pass.

Download the [Instructions for the GRTC Mobile Pass].



 Logo for GRTC Mobile Pass Installing the GRTC Mobile Pass

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Someone scanning a GRTC Mobile Pass at the farebox on a GRTC bus Riding with the Mobile Pass

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Person holding a cell phone at the GRTc Pulse station; screen is black Other

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